Copper Nickel pipe fittings

A full range of seamless pipes, fittings and flanges can be supplied directly to the end customers in copper nickel 90/10 and 70/30 production which are used in various fields of application such as navy, shipbuilding, oil & gas, petrochemical and desalination industries.
  Navinic 10 - copper-nickel 90/10 
  Navinic 30 - copper-nickel 70/30 
  Applications properties 
  Excellent resistance to seawater corrosion 
  By pitting corrosion in stagnant water 
  By erosion-corrosion and cavitation in circulation (3,5m/s max)) 
  By stress corrosion 
  By fouling corrosion 
  Suitable for cold working (manufacturing of thin pipes and fittings) 
  Seawater pipeline system   
  Shipbuilding (cooling, fire-circuit)  
  Offshore platform (fire-circuit)  
  Desalination plant