Avon totally committed to Quality and Safety. Providing highest quality products from ISO 9001:2008 certified companies and services to our clients has been the top most determinant of our company policy. Hence, we have partnered ourselves with selected world class quality conscious manufacturers. At Avon , we have set high quality standards and continuously strive for learning and improving our services and work processes.
Product quality and reliability are the fundamental elements for our success as a trusted manufacturer to industry. We go above and beyond industry standards to insure that our products are manufactured with high quality, high performance materials and consistent, repeatable and documented procedures. All special alloys are 100% PMI tested and documented to insure products are supplied as specified. Detailed material test reports, independent testing results and other quality documentation can be provided upon request.
Materials supplied come certified to EN10204 3.1 Outside inspection and testing
is available upon request.
The following Testing are available upon request:
• Third Party Inspection, via Lloyds or T.U.V
• X-Ray
• Ultra Sonic
• Positive Material Identification
• Magnetic Particle Inspection
• Dye Penetration
• Hardness